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4,200 Employees throughout the world with one shared vision

The Group encourages the sharing of talent, diversity & expertise by actively promoting internal mobility.

Trèves offers career opportunities in various skills (production, purchasing, logistics, projects, R&D, sales, quality, HR, finance, etc.) and is keen to attract international skills and experience.

Training is at the core of the company's organization

Driven by the importance of expanding and developing skills, "the Trèves Institute" was established in 1996 offering specifically tailored training courses, taking into account time constraints and geographic mobility.

Performed by a network of internal trainers, this tutorial covers all areas: technological expertise, approach and quality tools, management, languages, personal development and communication. New modules are regularly offered, in order to enrich employees' knowledge.

5 reasons to join the Trèves Group

A growing
global leader

With extensive experience & technical expertise, Treves is focused on a long term stategy of building strong and sustainable relationships based on trust with all internal and external stakeholders.

Strong human

By placing women and men at the very heart of its strategy, Trèves devotes all necessary means to guarantee the best working conditions to its employees.

A stimulating

Trèves stands out through its ability to innovate, and encourages each and every employee to look for new ideas.

Career development

With a presence on four continents, the company offers the opportunity to work internationally, enabling the development of enriching and varied career paths.


Trèves believes that employees progression and investment in training throughout their career help them to achieve their full potential.

Trèves is looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join the team.

Are you a university (or higher education) graduate? Do you speak any foreign languages? Are you rigorous, organized and passionate? Then come and join us! The Group offers you many opportunities across all its departments (production, purchasing, logistics, projects, R&D, sales, quality, HR, finance, etc.).

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One Trèves

With the "One Trèves" values, the Group is developing a strong company culture on a global scale.


Égalité F/H

Le groupe Trèves qui compte 5 sociétés filiales en France met en œuvre depuis plusieurs années une politique en faveur de l’égalité Femmes / Hommes, en particulier grâce à des accords collectifs conclus dans le but d’identifier et de corriger les écarts pouvant exister au sein des entreprises du groupe. Ces accords prévoient ainsi des actions concrètes dans les domaines du recrutement, de la rémunération, de la formation, de l’évolution de carrières, des conditions de travail et de l’articulation entre l’activité professionnelle et la vie familiale. Ces mesures ont contribué à des améliorations significatives qui nous permettent de nous inscrire dans une trajectoire positive. En effet, pour l’année 2018, la société TREVES Products Services & Innovation qui compte plus de 250 salariés a obtenu un résultat de 71 points. Ce résultat renforce notre volonté de poursuivre nos actions. Nous restons déterminés à atteindre le score minimum de 75/100, fixé par la loi du 5 septembre 2018, et bien évidemment à le dépasser pour l’ensemble des sociétés du groupe en France. Les sociétés du groupe de moins de 250 salariés, MATT, MPAP, TREMOIS, et TREVEST publieront leurs résultats 2019 au début 2020.