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Trèves Group announces acquisitions in Italy and North America

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Trèves Group, a global leader in acoustic and thermal insulation solutions for the automotive industry, headquartered in Paris, France, has completed the acquisition of a majority stake in ROI Technologies, the automotive acoustics division of Miro Radici Family of Companies Spa.

ROI Technologies, headquartered in Cazzano-San Andrea, Italy, is a supplier of Stellantis for interior trimming parts, employing 120 people and operating in two facilities, in Cazzano (Lombardy) and Aprilia (Lazio).

Trèves Group has also completed, together with Kotobukya Fronte, its historical Japanese partner, the full acquisition of CTA Acoustics from private equity firm Cerberus.

CTA Acoustics, headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan USA, is a leading acoustic solutions provider in North America serving Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler (Stellantis), employing 600 people and operating in two facilities located in Corbin, KT (US) and Aguascalientes (Mexico). As the majority shareholder, Trèves Group will manage CTA Acoustics in synergy with its operations in North America.

Through these transactions, the Company reinforces its presence in its key markets and further strengthens and diversifies its customer portfolio.

“We are very proud of these acquisitions which reinforce our Group and strengthen our global presence. The complementary technologies and resources of ROI and CTA with the Trèves Group will generate significant synergies” says Guillaume Trèves, Chairman of the Management Board of Trèves Group. 

“Our management team and the shareholders are fully focused to position Trèves Group as a leading supplier in our market, bringing a broader support to our customers. The synergies will be carefully studied and implemented on a short term basis in order to ensure that customers can count on a long term, efficient and reliable supplier” declares Frédéric Chaussat, CEO of Trèves Group.

“We are honored to support Trèves Group and its management team. These acquisitions mark an important milestone for the Company, which is positioning itself as a market consolidator accelerating the need for larger and resilient suppliers due to the impact on the automotive industry of megatrends and Covid crisis” says Alexandre Ossola, Managing Director at Bpifrance and Member of the Management Board of Trèves Group.