As a partner of automotive manufacturers throughout the world, Trèves offers all its expertise in comfort and acoustics. Thanks to its long experience, Trèves can implement unique thermocompression, thermoforming, foaming and assembly technologies. It brings to the market personalized and customized solutions adapted to its clients' specific expectations.


In its constant strive for excellence, Trèves focuses on four soft trim and acoustics product ranges in the cabin, the trunk, the engine bay and the body. Trèves contributes to the ongoing improvement for more comfortable and quieter cars, at a fair price.


Acoustic treatment: a worldwide center of expertise

Trèves offers and designs new solutions in acoustic treatment to reduce as well the exterior noise, as inside the cabin. Using its expertise in materials, Trèves creates floor carpets, insulators, trunk trims and parcel shelves which all contribute to the acoustic performance in vehicles.

Innovative thermal and aerodynamic solutions

Trèves' experts have access to the most adequate technologies and design tools to evaluate material quality and process performance. Acoustic and thermal simulations are used to define new products. The aim: to optimize their technical characteristics whilst taking into account the OEM's cost reduction and weight requirements.

Comfort is the core know-how of Trèves

Trèves is part of the development of the automotive industry and meets users expectations towards more comfort and ergonomics.

A tailor made design

Trèves offers personalized solutions for the appearance of the interior, the trunk and the engine compartment. Aware of the market trends and expectations of the automotive brands, they contribute to the future success of the vehicle.

The CERA is Trèves Group's Tech Center

Founded in 1993 in Reims, near Paris, Trèves Group's Automotive Investigation & Research Center, concentrates all its R&D capabilities. CERA's physical resources and simulation tools enable it to test and validate innovations, design and develop products for future vehicles, manage projects and support industrialisation.

A global research and development network

Trèves' global research and development network enables it to share the Group's standards and best practices. Trèves' strategy is to develop new products close to manufacturers' sites in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Turkey and China.

United States - Detroit
Mexico - Aguascalientes
Brazil - Sao Paulo
France - Reims
United Kingdom - Coventry
Spain - Barcelona
China - Wuhan
Japan - Tokyo
France - Paris
Germany - Wolfsburg
Germany - Munich
China - Shanghai
Turkey - Bursa


Robust project management

Trèves' multidisciplinary project teams design, develop and industrialize with the plants the best suited solutions to fulfill the OEMs expectations up to their successful launch into production.

Industrial Excellence, a priority

To improve its performance, Trèves deploys information sharing in real time between its factories, which mobilizes all its teams according to best industrial practices. The combination of existing experience and manufacturing 4.0 technologies subsequently allows us to progress every day in order to achieve Industrial Excellence.